Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ballard's epic fail

I'm at a loss for words as to describe how stupid this is. First of all, the good news is Vokoun is ok. Second, way to take out my fantasy goalie Ballard. Like that situation can't get any worse. Third, like the Panther's could make themselves any worse.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Michael Liambas Hit On Ben Fanelli

This is a totally brutal hit:

Players should be kicked out of hockey for that. There was no play there. Rangers are up 2-0. Liambas starts his stride out side the face-off circle and plows him into the glass. Both a charging and boarding penalties. This is not as bad as what Marty McSorely did to Donald Brashear or what Todd Bertuzzi did to Steve Moore (the biggest injustice in hockey history in my opinion).

Still with a rash of head hunting in hockey recently maybe its time for the NHL to come closer to the NCAA (can't believe I'm saying the NCAA does a good thing but that's another story). Anyway its time the Chris Simons of the world get a reality check.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Feature on Dani Furlong

This is my feature that was published in The Metropolitan:

When one envisions hockey many stereotypes come to mind of Canadian boys beating on each other over frozen water. However, when one meets Metro hockey's one female on-ice representative, forward Dani Furlong, many stereotypes are broken. Coming from Tampa Bay, Florida where her father worked for the Lightning of the NHL Dani grew up playing hockey with her two brothers starting at age five. Her last experience with coed hockey was when she was 14. From then on Furlong has played exclusively on women's teams. 

"(Men's hockey) is a little faster and more physical," Furlong said.

Though standing at 5'3'' Furlong is not afraid of the physical play to the surprise of some of her teammates. She plays primarily forechecker on the checking line.

Furlong plans applying her experience with Metro to play division one women's hockey at Northwestern University. She was originally recruited for Northeastern* out of high school. In high school her hockey resume includes playing for a boarding school in Massachusetts and winning a national championship in 2003. After deciding nursing school wasn't for her she moved out to Colorado to pursue a career in sports journalism. She is currently works with the Met report. 

"I did not know one person out here," Furlong said.

However, quickly made friends with her teammates and is treated as one of the guys.

"She's the best girl on the team!" Forward Dan Golden joke during an interview.

At first she said some of the guys were a bit more careful around when playing with her but that quickly went away by the second day of tryouts. During games the players on the other team don't really treat her much differently.

Though a female hockey player from Florida might be a surprise, the most impressive thing about Furlong is her style of play and not her biography. She is widely considered to be one of the smartest hockey players on the team. 

"We have a had five girls tryout out for the team before but in those cases it was clear that none of them would be able to make it," said head coach Ryan Callahan. "She's smart and plays the game very well."

Though the team was originally mum on whether or not Furlong would making the final roster assistant coach Curtis Duffus knew she would make the final roster.

"I am personally very impressed and surprised," said Duffus. "She handily made the team."

After making the final roster Furlong has not been a disappointment. The checking forward has two assists and three games.

*Made a mistake on the published version that Furlong politely corrected for me. The incorrect version says Northwestern.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good article on the Broncos salary cap

I really don't know much about football and my knowledge of the salary cap structure in the NFL is really limited. Basically, I'm just a casual football fan. Anyway this is a great article on the Broncos cap space. I definitely think it is worth your time.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Avs/Wings game thoughts

Good win for the Avs though I have a lot of concerns about the defense and the refereeing in this game.

Why can the Avs not clear the puck out of the zone? If Budaj was playing this game would be over. Craig Anderson bailed out the Avs on this one. Anderson is the top goalie in the league right now. How long Anderson can keep this going is going to be a question mark. However, goalies do tend to be late bloomers so there's a good chance the Avs got a steal in signing him.

Still I don't care how good Anderson is no goalie should be counted on to make 48 saves a night. The Avs need to get more shots. Anderson has already played 11 games in a row. He's going to break down if the Avs can't clear the zone and get some offensive pressure.

Probably the most surprising thing about this game personally was Paul Statsny's eight penalty minutes. Not sure that last tripping penalty was a dive or not but that might have been a questionable call. At least Statsny sealed the deal with the empty net coming out of the box.

In the end though, the Avs got the win. I still can't believe how hot the Avs are so hot at the start of this season. If you said to me 2 months ago the Avs were 8-1-2 in their first 11 I would have thought you were crazy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

NFL expansion

With the Patriots Bucs game in London coming this Sunday there has been a lot of talk about an expansion team in London. I have to admit that I'm a little shocked there is so much talk about a London based team since well London is pretty damn far.

Though the NFL would be the only American pro-sports league that is theoretically capable of playing games regularly in London since they only play once a week.

Additionally, I rather see teams in LA, Vegas, Mexico City or Toronto before London. If the NFL wants to expand into a foreign market I'd say expand into Mexico or Canada first. If the NFL really wanted to expand in Europe then why did it end NFL Europe? (Answer: it was loosing $30 million per season).

I would like to put some more research into the issue but just off the top of my head here's a better idea for an international expansion of the NFL:

1) Expand or relocated teams to LA, Vegas, Mexico City and Toronto.
2) Bring back NFL Europe as a minor/developemental league similar to baseball or hockey.
3) Shorten preseason and have preseason played exclusively outside the US. Possibly against NFL Europe teams.
4) Expanded the regular season to 18 games. Each team plays twice internationally. Most games will be held in the UK or Germany though a game in China, Tokyo, or Australia would be interesting.

Again just purely an idea. Not sure how many readers I have but I would love comments.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

KHL expands west?

So The Hockey News has a report that the KHL is planning on expanding the rest of Europe.

I actually think this would be very exciting. Yes, it would be nice to have all the best players in one league still as an economics, sports, international relations nerd this would be a lot of fun.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm back

Ok every now and then I get a little flaky. I admit it but now that I'm back into sports writing for my college paper you'll see a lot more of me. Also, hockey season is starting. I got a really terrible fantasy team so I'll be talking a lot about that. All my goalies are from Florida and Tennessee that's all I have to say about that.

By the way, is there anyone else out there who is shocked to see the Broncos 5-0 and the Avs are 4-1-1? I sure am.

Anyway, Metro hockey's home opener is this Friday so I'll post a rough draft of that story. Some exciting stuff this year. A girl made it to the final roster. She is very good and is quite deserving. Feature on her will be posted soon. Plus, later this year there will be a game at Pepsi Center which should be quite exciting. I still want a job with the Avalanche and can't seem to find one maybe that will be my chance to introduce myself a bit.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Orton has a lot of work a head of him

I'm not one to jump on a bandwagon but I am concerned about how well Denver QB Kyle Orton will do this season. Broncos fans should be patient. Rebuilding will take time and the Denver defense isn't that great. However, outside of QB the Broncos offense should be pretty solid. Simms did such a great job in the second half that he is definitely making a case to be the starting QB. You have to like the guy though considering how much he has supported Orton. Plus you got to like a guy who is tough enough to play with a ruptured spleen and could have died. We'll see where McDaniels goes.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vick signs with Eagles





Honestly, the only idea I have is free publicity and selling lots of jerseys. Eagles are already deep at quarterback. Patriots would have made a lot more sense.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dater on Lappy

Looks like Lappy won't be with the Avs next season. Dater has some pretty negative things to say about that. I totally agree.

How can the Avs justify signing Darcy Tucker for 2 years at $4.5 million than offer less than $1.15 to Lappy?

Makes no sense at all. This season is going to be a rough one with the Avs hopefully if we can get a goalie and make no more stupid signings we can get two years in a row of top 3 picks and let some bad contracts expire.

Until for now 09-10 looks lost (barring a miracle trade of the AI for Billups variety) but there is potential for a good 10-11 season.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gustavsson an Av?

The Denver Post reports Jonas Gustavsson, probably the best goalie not in the NHL, is considering signing with the Avs.

This would be perfect for the Avs, as the Post points out, with the their cap problems because rookies in the NHL can only make up to $900,000. This gives the Avs time to dump payroll or let contracts expire before they can sign him long term.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Roy got an offer

to be the Avs new head coach according to Dater.

Good news for the Avalanche if he accepts at least that will help give the organization a spark that would put fans in the seats.

Avs problems though mostly cap related though but with a good draft and dumping of sum payroll and signing a goalie they may have a shot.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Al Strachan is wrong

What Al Strachan fails to acknowledge in his column is travel costs for the other NHL teams.

Truth is that Phoenix is in a no mans land both geographically and hockey wise. The teams is surrounded by desert and is pretty far from all the other hockey teams except the Ducks and Kings in LA.

Send a team to Ontario or Vegas. At least in Vegas they would have a monopoly on the pro-sports market unlike Phoenix. Hell even Kansas City would be nice they have an arena.

The sport is stable in Canada. Yes the NHL should expand but throwing out two teams in Florida and one in Atlanta, Phoenix, and Nashville over such a short period of time is just silly, risky, and misguided.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

NHL Moves

*Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Try to do better in the future.

Well reports now say that Jim Balsillie's pursuit of a NHL franchise has takent yet another turn. Balsillie is currently trying to buy the Coyotes. In my opinion not a bad idea. Phoenix is a terrible place for a hockey team and the Coyotes are underperforming in a bad hockey market.

I always found it bizarre the NHL has more teams in the Sun Belt than Canada. Only three places in the US should the NHL have a team that isn't already there:
Kansas City - though basketball is better but an empty arena is bad
Las Vegas - someone needs to take the risk and put a pro sports team there
Hartford - Whalers fans are a dedicated bunch

Spector points out:

Winnipeg and Quebec City will never again have NHL franchises. Even if they were to build big, shiny new arenas that could seat over 18,000 fans both cities lack the population base to adequately support them.

...to which I reluctantly agree though I would love to see the Winnipeg Jets come back. Still I have a hard time believing that the Jets could be worse off than the Coyotes (except the Coyotes have a nice arena with a terrible name).

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New GM for the Avs got a lot of work

Francois Giguere was not that great of a GM. We all know that.

However, I have a feeling he was a puppet of Pierre Lacriox so he does deserve a lot of the blame.

The next GM will have a tough time as the Avs have $43.775 million dedicated to 13 players. That leaves about 12 million to sign about have the team. If Sakic comes back the Avs will only have about $6 to spend.

Maybe the Avs can trade up for the first pick and dump some payroll. But the Islanders are struggling economically so that probably won't fit into their self-imposed cap.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Baseball is back

This year in hockey is pretty much been terrible for an Avs fan (Sakic, injuries, last place, the bring on John Tavares or Victor Hedman campaign).

Its good to see baseball coming back. I put the Rockies in a fluid 3rd place behind the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks but I think the NL West is up in the air.

AL East will be interesting can the Yankees get their money's worth. Will Boston keep going. Is Tampa for real?

My answers Yankees will not get their money's worth. Boston will barely make the wildcard but could make a good playoff run. Tampa is the real deal.

AL West is home to my favorite AL team the Mariners but its not looking too good for them. Though I am just glad Griffey is back.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Smyth out!

Ryan Smyth is out for the rest of the seaon with a fractured hand.

Can we know bring on John Tavares or Victor Hedman?

I'd take either one but my preference would be Tavares because the Avs are have better prospects at defense.

Can the Avs higher better doctors and trainers? It seems like they get the injury bug really bad every year.

Broncos won the deal with Cutler?

Well on face value it looks like the Broncos won the deal with the Bears.

Broncos sent Cutler and fifth rounder this year for a first and third round picks this year, a first round next year, and quarterback Kyle Orton.

Broncos got a ton of picks for Cutler and a QB. I think the Broncos won this deal because now they can address their multiple issues during this years draft. These include a linebacker, defensive end, and a running back.

However, its best to withhold judgement on deals involving draft picks until we see what the Broncos do with them.

I am cautious because the Broncos have a terrible history when it comes to the draft. Yet, I do like it so far.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cutler saga

I am not convinced that Cutler will be traded. Though the headline from the Denver Post article is eye-catching the article itself sights conflicting reports.

I think in order for the Broncos to trade Cutler a team would have to offer a first round pick and a high quality impact player.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

College basketball

As much as I love basketball (but hate the NBA) I really don't have the time or the desire to follow so many college teams.

That said The Onion summarized what I feel about March Madness (though I will admit there is some pretty good basketball).

NCAA Expands March Madness To Include 4,096 Teams

Friday, March 20, 2009

Expect major blow ups with the Avs

I'd say the only people who are safe on the Avs right now are Hedjuk, Smyth, and Foote. Everyone else could very well be gone next year.

The only players I would advise against moving (including the ones above) are Liles, Wolski, McLeod, and Lappy maybe Svatos and Stewart.

The Avs literally need everything except for grit. McLeod and Lappy also Stewart take care of that enough.

Smyth and Hedjuk are having decent years on a bad team in desperate need of a center. Statsny gets injured far too much. Arnason is just bad. Wolski is either really good or disappears. Hensick has potential but is poorly used/coached.

Goaltending is huge. The Avs will have cap issues but if they at least put out a decent defense and draft well I could live with paying a kings randsom for a good goalie.

I think Raycroft makes a decent back up and Budaj needs to be traded or go to Europe. He lets in way too many soft goals.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cutler problem

Do you trade Jay Cutler a good quarterback but someone with some issues? Or do you keep him in hopes he turns around?

It seems to me to be a two bad choices. Cutler should relax. Trades talk happens all the time. If he is so personally offended by a trade offer that is difficult to take seriously maybe he should find another line of work.

I say if he shows up keep him. If he refuses trade him.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Melo needs to go

I am so sick of Carmelo Anthony's whining. Basketball used to be such a good game with passing, defense, and team play.

Now we have a bunch of selfish basketball players who have the nerve to tell their coaches not to coach.

So long to the NBA that had good team players such as John Stockton and Michael Jordan.

For once Melo should just shut up, listen, pass, and play defense. He is ridiculously overrated.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sakic 2009-2010?

I have a feeling Sakic's last season will be in '09-'10. Do I know that for a fact no but I do have a hunch.

Mostly I still think Sakic can play, I bet he is embarrassed about how the season when and would like to prove himself, and 2010 Olympics are going to be in his neck of the woods.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

List of do & don'ts during the trade deadline

- Do not trade this year's first round pick. Avs will have the lottery and could use a good pick.
- Do not trade Leopold. I know why everyone thinks he is going to be traded but still he is good, young, and fast.

- Do get a goalie.
- Do clear cap space.
- Do trade Clark.
- Do your best to get rid of Arnason and Tucker
- Do create three scoring lines. You know the wide open offensive style we heard so much about at the beginning of the season.
- Move heaven and earth to get Jaroslav Halak

By the way, lost of rumors say Jordan Stall is going to be an Av. I'm suspicious but not a bad idea. However the Avs need a goalie and wingers more than a center.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

La Presse French for hype

The La Presse story was all hype worthy of Al Capones vault rather than big news.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hab(itual) Criminals?

Supposedly the La Presse is going to have big news from Montreal suggesting some of the players could face criminal charges.

This could be huge in a lot of ways. Would players be willing to waive no trade clauses to go to the Habs?

I had a strong feeling Ian Laperrière and Brett Clarke would end up going to the Habs at the trade deadline. Maybe even Vincent Lecavalier? However, I am no insider so this is just a hunch.

Stay tuned. Unfortunately, three years of high school French does not make me capable of reading Le Presse but if you can knock yourself out.

Also Adrian Dater of the Post claims there will be a big Theodore story. I am a huge Dater fan but I am getting weary of all his talk regarding Theodore. He's a good reporter though so I would still check it out.

Orlando Hudson and Rockies pitching

Why the Rockies have expressed no interest in Orlando Hudson is a little beyond me.

Unless Ian Stewart is playing second base or Clint Barmes has something up his sleeve. Barmes and Baker would pretty good last season but the Rockies should at least look interested.

It looks like they will be out of the playoffs again especially with news Jeff Francis is out. Outside of Cook and Jimenez the Rockies' starting pitching doesn't look so good.

Let's just hope Jason Marquis is good and that Franklin Morales and Greg Reynolds (or possibly Jorge De La Rosa and Josh Fogg) find themselves.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Word on the street says Forsberg

is done. It is sad to see one of the best players ever to leave the game the way he did.

By the way, releasing Dre Bly was a good idea for the Broncos. Glad to see them shake up a defense that proves an unmovable object can beat an unstoppable force.

*Broncos ca'tn stop an offense that can't move the ball.
** Never mind the joke isn't funny if you have to explain it.

I wonder if

Cody McCormick has been reading my blog.

Because he's been playing pretty well since one of my entries was a bit harsh towards him.

Anyway, glad to seem him and Lappy play better.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A couple of observations on the Avs v Montreal

I actually liked the whole 50's thing Altitude did in the second period where they went to black and white and the old style.

If there are any doubts on why Jaroslav Halak needs to be an Av today's game should have cleared that up. Clark for Halak... anyone? Hell trade the farm to get him.

Why can't the Avs play in the third?

Arnason scored a goal. For once can he do this against a non-Canadian team?

Leopold should be signed. For the love of god don't trade him.

How many softies did Budaj give up tonight? I say two.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Metropolitan's New Website

*I did a lot of posting today so check out my older posts from today if you haven't already.

I am a writer for the Metropolitan (more commonly known as the Met)

It is a weekly publication where I am the beat writer for hockey and baseball. I am also the assistant sports editor. For those of you who are interested I also write regular economics column - I am an economics major not a journalism major.

You can check out the website which is updated weekly at http://www.mscd.edu/~themet/. Click on sports for sports articles and insight for my column. You can also scroll down to the bottom and click my name to see all of my articles.

To give you a taste I will copy and paste this weeks sports articles:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Hockey ends season by looking forward

Robert Dran

Metro hockey closed out the season in a disappointing fashion with a 7-2 loss against Arizona State University on Feb. 6 and a 6-6 tie against Brigham Young University on Feb. 9.

Team captain, forward Turner Bahn, felt the team was overconfident when facing ASU because ASU lost to the University of California - Los Angeles, a team Metro easily beat 9-3 just a few weeks ago.

"We took them too lightly," Bahn said. "At least I finally played my best game of the semester the next game."

Bahn finished with three goals and two assists on the weekend. Forward Ryan Yudez had a goal and an assist in the second game after sitting out two weeks with an injury.

Metro nearly finished their season with a victory but were called on a penalty with less than two minutes remaining in the game. BYU took advantage and scored the tying goal that sent the game into overtime. Metro had their chances in overtime but couldn't capitalize on them and had to settle for a tie.

Despite finishing the season under .500, the 'Runners feel the season was a crucial building block for success next season. Head coach Curtis Duffus has big plans to build on the chemistry the team built this season and expand to better systems.

"The thing that stood out the most to me was our inexperience and youth. Players tend to get a lot better in their second season, so we look forward to getting better," Duffus said.

The team also has plans to play in a summer league to keep themselves fresh for tryouts which will happen during the first half of September. With a season full of injuries and ups and downs, the team plans on building on lessons learned to have a more successful 2009-2010 season.

Robert Dran

Metro baseball managed to trade wins and losses over a four-game set against Colorado State University at Pueblo.

The 'Runners started off on the wrong foot with a 13-6 loss but quickly rebounded to grab a close 6-5 victory during the first game of a double-header the following day. The second game was a disappointment as the team lost 6-1, yet Metro ended on a strong note, doubling up the Thunderwolves in a 14-7 rout. The team attributed the split to inconsistent play, but they did find positives in their performance.

First basemen Jordan Stouffer and catcher Tyree Absire each grabbed a home run in Metro's 13-6 loss. Right fielder Mike Coffey went 2-for-3 with two runs batted-in in the 6-5 victory.

"The big thing for us was momentum – in both our wins we got four runs in the first inning, which carried us for the rest of the game,” left fielder Marcel Dominguez said. “We need to score early and stay ahead."

Metro's defense, which has been a weakness for them, improved. In the final two games, Metro ended with no errors after committing six errors in the first two games and seven errors in a double-header against Regis University on Feb. 1.

"We did a lot better once we got rid of all the butterflies when we started the season,” Dominguez explained. “In the last game we were able to dominate them.”

Head coach Jerry Schemmel echoed Dominguez's claim by attributing the poor defensive start to nervousness.

Pitching control was another issue for Metro in the 13-6 loss; the ‘Runners gave up seven walks. However, Metro pitching quickly rebounded in the next game when winning pitcher Steven Green nabbed five strikeouts in the 6-5 victory. Pitcher Ted Jamison managed to go through the 6-1 loss with only a single walk but failed to strike out a batter. He gave up eight hits in three and a third innings in a loosing effort.

"We got five to seven guys we can throw in there. We need to work on our pitch control, but I think pitching will be the best part of our team," Schemmel said.

Metro will look to go above .500 for the first time this season with double-headers against Montana State University - Billings on Feb. 13 and University of Nebraska at Kearney on Feb. 15 at All Star Park in Lakewood.

How the Avs can bounce back

I got some ideas on how the Avs could be better without beating up on them too much. For instance leaving out firing Tony Granato and Francois Giguere. That talk will wait for now.

1) The Avs should be massive sellers at the deadline

Players that need to be dealt immediately:
Brett Clark - He's a good defensemen but not 3.5 million good. Not to mention he will grab interest.
Darcy Tucker - He was just a bad fit for the Avs. Though I am worried he may not get much interest in that case send him to Lake Erie.
Ian Laperierre - I would hate to see him go but there is a market for him and the Avs need to move away from the Tuckers and Laperierre's of hockey.
Peter Budaj or Andrew Raycroft - The Avs should give their farm system a chance. Budaj probably has more value as a decent or good back up. Keep one and trade the other fast.

Players that could be dealt at the right price:
T.J. Hensick - I think he has the skills to be good but with Stastny and Wolski there isn't much room for him even after Sakic retires. He should be a number 2 center not a number three. However, if the Avs are willing to build three scoring lines he should be kept.
Marek Svatos - I am a huge fan of Svatos and he has been playing better defensively. Still he's a bit small and injury prone. Though I think the Svatos is the type of player that is efficient and inexpensive.
John-Michael Liles - I am a huge fan of this guy as well. He needs better coaching and he still hasn't hit his prime. That said Leopold is better, Cumiskey is fun to watch and having two small offensively minded defensemen is risky.
Ruslan Salei - He's good but on a bad Avs team he can't do much plus the Avs really don't use him effectively. I think keeping him after an off year would boost his confidence though.

2) Keep the core:
Milan Hedjuk - No trade clause and I doubt he wants to be dealt.
Ryan Smyth - Though he is massively overpaid he is good.
Paul Stastny - No explaination needed.
Jordan Leopold - He's a good defensemen who is finally getting over his injury bug. Fast, offensively-minded but not a liability defensively.
Chris Stewart - This kid can score and he's tough.
Cody McLeod - Chips in some good goals and he's mean; not a bad 3rd or 4th liner.
Wojtek Wolski - He's found his place at center though he should take a some advice from Forsberg and Smyth.

3) Draft from effectively from Northern and Eastern Europe:
The Avs have a pitfull amount of amount of players from Russia and Sweden while the Red Wings keep finding gems.

4) Sign smart:
DO NOT OVERPAY FREE AGENTS! The cap is going down over the next year to three so don't bump up against the cap. Do we need another Theodore or Tucker? Smyth and Hannan are good but the price tag is too high.

5) Give these free agents a serious look:
Stephane Yelle - not flashy but good defensively and affordable.
Martin Biron - Having a down year could make him affordable and he's better than Budaj and Raycroft.
Tim Thomas/Manny Fernandez - Thomas if Boston is stupid. Not just stupid completely lost their mind dumb. Fernandez if Boston is smart.
Antero Niittymaki - I think he is better than his reputation.
Maxim Afinogenov - Another guy with an off year who is better than people think.
Marian Hossa - Avs should express interest but should not get involved in a bidding war. This is very unlikely as it should but if the economy pushes the price down the Avs should take the leap.
Peter Forsberg - I know he's the most injury prone person ever but he fills the seats. In a bad economy that will be important.

6) Get rid of Arnason bring up Per Ledin.
Seriously why bring over one of Sweden's most popular players and not use him?

7) Stop calling up McCormick unless the injury bug gets really bad.

8) Here's how the Avs should look next season realisticly (I am going to assume Sakic's last season will be 09-10):
Wolski Sakic Svatos
Smyth Stastny Hejuk
Jones Hensick Stewart
McLeod Yelle Ledin
Liles Hannan
Leopold Salei
Foote Cumiskey/Tjarnqvist
Manny Fernandez
Peter Budaj

Just for fun I will layout the ideal:
Hossa Sakic Afinogenov
Smyth Stastny Hejuk
Wolski Forsberg Stewart *Keep Hensick at Lake Erie just in case
McLeod Yelle Jones
Liles Hannan
Leopold Salei
Foote Cumiskey/Tjarnqvist
Martin Biron
Andrew Raycroft


I recently watched a documentary Bigger, Faster, Stroner about steriod use. This gives a fairly balanced view when it comes to steroids.

Honestly, I am on the fence when it comes to steriods. The harm to your health is less than cigarettes and alcohol. Yet, if I had kids would I want them to use steroids? The answer is a firm no which also goes for cigarettes and alcohol. But should they be illegal and shunned as much as they are? I would have to say no too.

Really it is what the fans and the players want.

On a separate note the Avs are terrible and to rip on them at this point is to kick someone while they are down.

At least hockey players are tested by the olympic committee so steroid use is not all the common and is virtually nonexistant amongst star players.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

NHL All-Star Game

I managed to catch overtime and the shootout portion of the game. I was actually very happy I go to watch it which is a miracle for an all-star game.

That said the lack of buzz about the game was disappointing. NHL really needs to learn how to market itself. First, Bettman should be fired immediately. Second, the NHL needs to comeback to ESPN.

The rest is less obvious and should be left to the powers that be.

Pavel Datsyuk and Nicholas Nidstrom

How illegitimate is your all-star game when the last season's champs only have their coach to represent them?

Not to mention if the Wings aren't the best team in the NHL they are in the top three.

All-star games show hockey at its worst.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cardinals might not win the super bowl but

I have a feeling they will be in the playoffs for sometime to come. Though Foxsports puts them as the worst Superbowl team ever with I find maybe hard to believe.

Anyway the NFC west is ridiculously week division. Dallas is disorganized and Giants need a receiver.

AFC will dominate but Cardinals have a chance to be in the playoffs for awhile. Especially if Leinhart ever finds himself.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Avs should just blow up their roster

Anyone not named Wolski or Statsny should be let go. Tucker signing was awful. Cody McLeod is fifth, FIFTH! on the team in goals. Just get a damn sumo wrestler to fill in for Budaj because I am sure Mr. Sumo can move from right to left in skates as fast a Budaj.

Raycroft should be banned from playing the puck period. God help him when the NHL cracks down on freezing the puck.


Anyway my apologises for not updating the blog. The college paper has been sucking up my time.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shanahan's dismissal long overdue

Mike Shanahan's downfall was due to three problems. The Broncos defense, special teams, and inability to draft.

Shanahan is excellent at running offenses. You have to give him credit for having literally any runningback rush for 1,000 in a season.

Fact is though the Broncos are only good on offense and when that doesn't work they loose pure and simple.

Broncos need a real GM who is willing to rebuild the defense and special teams. Not a one trick coach running everything.

What is wrong with the Avs?

I would spend this blog ripping on the Avs but Adrian Dater pretty much summed up my thoughts already.

Granato will shake up the lines for tomorrows game. I can't believe it took him so long to put Wolski at center. Wolski wants to play center, can play center, and the Avs top two centers are injured. Apparently, Granto has seen the light though.

Not sure I like the idea of Hejduk play left wing though. Plus Smyth and Hejduk play pretty well together.

I am of the opinion that the Avs should start look at trading some of their older tough guy forwards such as Laperriere and Tucker for some younger players. Per Ledin should get a shot. The Avs need a spark and Ledin would do a pretty good job of doing that. Unlike most speculators I believe the only defensemen the Avs should trade is Clark. He's just expensive and he has some value.

The Avs need to get younger in a hurry because Sakic, Foote and the Foppa Saga won't be around forever.