Sunday, January 25, 2009

NHL All-Star Game

I managed to catch overtime and the shootout portion of the game. I was actually very happy I go to watch it which is a miracle for an all-star game.

That said the lack of buzz about the game was disappointing. NHL really needs to learn how to market itself. First, Bettman should be fired immediately. Second, the NHL needs to comeback to ESPN.

The rest is less obvious and should be left to the powers that be.

Pavel Datsyuk and Nicholas Nidstrom

How illegitimate is your all-star game when the last season's champs only have their coach to represent them?

Not to mention if the Wings aren't the best team in the NHL they are in the top three.

All-star games show hockey at its worst.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cardinals might not win the super bowl but

I have a feeling they will be in the playoffs for sometime to come. Though Foxsports puts them as the worst Superbowl team ever with I find maybe hard to believe.

Anyway the NFC west is ridiculously week division. Dallas is disorganized and Giants need a receiver.

AFC will dominate but Cardinals have a chance to be in the playoffs for awhile. Especially if Leinhart ever finds himself.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Avs should just blow up their roster

Anyone not named Wolski or Statsny should be let go. Tucker signing was awful. Cody McLeod is fifth, FIFTH! on the team in goals. Just get a damn sumo wrestler to fill in for Budaj because I am sure Mr. Sumo can move from right to left in skates as fast a Budaj.

Raycroft should be banned from playing the puck period. God help him when the NHL cracks down on freezing the puck.


Anyway my apologises for not updating the blog. The college paper has been sucking up my time.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shanahan's dismissal long overdue

Mike Shanahan's downfall was due to three problems. The Broncos defense, special teams, and inability to draft.

Shanahan is excellent at running offenses. You have to give him credit for having literally any runningback rush for 1,000 in a season.

Fact is though the Broncos are only good on offense and when that doesn't work they loose pure and simple.

Broncos need a real GM who is willing to rebuild the defense and special teams. Not a one trick coach running everything.

What is wrong with the Avs?

I would spend this blog ripping on the Avs but Adrian Dater pretty much summed up my thoughts already.

Granato will shake up the lines for tomorrows game. I can't believe it took him so long to put Wolski at center. Wolski wants to play center, can play center, and the Avs top two centers are injured. Apparently, Granto has seen the light though.

Not sure I like the idea of Hejduk play left wing though. Plus Smyth and Hejduk play pretty well together.

I am of the opinion that the Avs should start look at trading some of their older tough guy forwards such as Laperriere and Tucker for some younger players. Per Ledin should get a shot. The Avs need a spark and Ledin would do a pretty good job of doing that. Unlike most speculators I believe the only defensemen the Avs should trade is Clark. He's just expensive and he has some value.

The Avs need to get younger in a hurry because Sakic, Foote and the Foppa Saga won't be around forever.