Saturday, April 18, 2009

New GM for the Avs got a lot of work

Francois Giguere was not that great of a GM. We all know that.

However, I have a feeling he was a puppet of Pierre Lacriox so he does deserve a lot of the blame.

The next GM will have a tough time as the Avs have $43.775 million dedicated to 13 players. That leaves about 12 million to sign about have the team. If Sakic comes back the Avs will only have about $6 to spend.

Maybe the Avs can trade up for the first pick and dump some payroll. But the Islanders are struggling economically so that probably won't fit into their self-imposed cap.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Baseball is back

This year in hockey is pretty much been terrible for an Avs fan (Sakic, injuries, last place, the bring on John Tavares or Victor Hedman campaign).

Its good to see baseball coming back. I put the Rockies in a fluid 3rd place behind the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks but I think the NL West is up in the air.

AL East will be interesting can the Yankees get their money's worth. Will Boston keep going. Is Tampa for real?

My answers Yankees will not get their money's worth. Boston will barely make the wildcard but could make a good playoff run. Tampa is the real deal.

AL West is home to my favorite AL team the Mariners but its not looking too good for them. Though I am just glad Griffey is back.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Smyth out!

Ryan Smyth is out for the rest of the seaon with a fractured hand.

Can we know bring on John Tavares or Victor Hedman?

I'd take either one but my preference would be Tavares because the Avs are have better prospects at defense.

Can the Avs higher better doctors and trainers? It seems like they get the injury bug really bad every year.

Broncos won the deal with Cutler?

Well on face value it looks like the Broncos won the deal with the Bears.

Broncos sent Cutler and fifth rounder this year for a first and third round picks this year, a first round next year, and quarterback Kyle Orton.

Broncos got a ton of picks for Cutler and a QB. I think the Broncos won this deal because now they can address their multiple issues during this years draft. These include a linebacker, defensive end, and a running back.

However, its best to withhold judgement on deals involving draft picks until we see what the Broncos do with them.

I am cautious because the Broncos have a terrible history when it comes to the draft. Yet, I do like it so far.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cutler saga

I am not convinced that Cutler will be traded. Though the headline from the Denver Post article is eye-catching the article itself sights conflicting reports.

I think in order for the Broncos to trade Cutler a team would have to offer a first round pick and a high quality impact player.