Saturday, January 16, 2010

Goalie Gluttons

One particularly interesting thing I've noticed in the NHL recently that nobody is talking about is why some teams need a goalie desperately (Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Tampa) and why there are so many teams with too many goalies (Islanders, Montreal, and Boston).

It seems to me a potential trades should be in the mix. However there are two big problems.

1) Most teams with too much goalie talent are playoff teams that like the insurance of having a backup who can step into the role of a started when injuries hit.
2) Teams that need a goalie have little hope of making the playoffs.

The big exceptions to the above rules are Ottawa and the Islanders. Islanders are not a team still in rebuilding mode and Ottawa should be rebuilding but are still in a playoff spot.

Therefore, I would expect the Islanders to ship Biron to Ottawa for some prospects or draft picks. Ottawa doesn't have a great number of developing talent but at least the Islanders are realistic. I guess the backfire of DePietro's contract is making them more conservative.

This is no guarantee it is mostly wild speculation on my part.

Though what interests me is when Montreal will trade Halak. My guess would be Tampa or Edmonton and throw in the Caps as a dark horse.