Friday, October 23, 2009

NFL expansion

With the Patriots Bucs game in London coming this Sunday there has been a lot of talk about an expansion team in London. I have to admit that I'm a little shocked there is so much talk about a London based team since well London is pretty damn far.

Though the NFL would be the only American pro-sports league that is theoretically capable of playing games regularly in London since they only play once a week.

Additionally, I rather see teams in LA, Vegas, Mexico City or Toronto before London. If the NFL wants to expand into a foreign market I'd say expand into Mexico or Canada first. If the NFL really wanted to expand in Europe then why did it end NFL Europe? (Answer: it was loosing $30 million per season).

I would like to put some more research into the issue but just off the top of my head here's a better idea for an international expansion of the NFL:

1) Expand or relocated teams to LA, Vegas, Mexico City and Toronto.
2) Bring back NFL Europe as a minor/developemental league similar to baseball or hockey.
3) Shorten preseason and have preseason played exclusively outside the US. Possibly against NFL Europe teams.
4) Expanded the regular season to 18 games. Each team plays twice internationally. Most games will be held in the UK or Germany though a game in China, Tokyo, or Australia would be interesting.

Again just purely an idea. Not sure how many readers I have but I would love comments.

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