Thursday, February 12, 2009

How the Avs can bounce back

I got some ideas on how the Avs could be better without beating up on them too much. For instance leaving out firing Tony Granato and Francois Giguere. That talk will wait for now.

1) The Avs should be massive sellers at the deadline

Players that need to be dealt immediately:
Brett Clark - He's a good defensemen but not 3.5 million good. Not to mention he will grab interest.
Darcy Tucker - He was just a bad fit for the Avs. Though I am worried he may not get much interest in that case send him to Lake Erie.
Ian Laperierre - I would hate to see him go but there is a market for him and the Avs need to move away from the Tuckers and Laperierre's of hockey.
Peter Budaj or Andrew Raycroft - The Avs should give their farm system a chance. Budaj probably has more value as a decent or good back up. Keep one and trade the other fast.

Players that could be dealt at the right price:
T.J. Hensick - I think he has the skills to be good but with Stastny and Wolski there isn't much room for him even after Sakic retires. He should be a number 2 center not a number three. However, if the Avs are willing to build three scoring lines he should be kept.
Marek Svatos - I am a huge fan of Svatos and he has been playing better defensively. Still he's a bit small and injury prone. Though I think the Svatos is the type of player that is efficient and inexpensive.
John-Michael Liles - I am a huge fan of this guy as well. He needs better coaching and he still hasn't hit his prime. That said Leopold is better, Cumiskey is fun to watch and having two small offensively minded defensemen is risky.
Ruslan Salei - He's good but on a bad Avs team he can't do much plus the Avs really don't use him effectively. I think keeping him after an off year would boost his confidence though.

2) Keep the core:
Milan Hedjuk - No trade clause and I doubt he wants to be dealt.
Ryan Smyth - Though he is massively overpaid he is good.
Paul Stastny - No explaination needed.
Jordan Leopold - He's a good defensemen who is finally getting over his injury bug. Fast, offensively-minded but not a liability defensively.
Chris Stewart - This kid can score and he's tough.
Cody McLeod - Chips in some good goals and he's mean; not a bad 3rd or 4th liner.
Wojtek Wolski - He's found his place at center though he should take a some advice from Forsberg and Smyth.

3) Draft from effectively from Northern and Eastern Europe:
The Avs have a pitfull amount of amount of players from Russia and Sweden while the Red Wings keep finding gems.

4) Sign smart:
DO NOT OVERPAY FREE AGENTS! The cap is going down over the next year to three so don't bump up against the cap. Do we need another Theodore or Tucker? Smyth and Hannan are good but the price tag is too high.

5) Give these free agents a serious look:
Stephane Yelle - not flashy but good defensively and affordable.
Martin Biron - Having a down year could make him affordable and he's better than Budaj and Raycroft.
Tim Thomas/Manny Fernandez - Thomas if Boston is stupid. Not just stupid completely lost their mind dumb. Fernandez if Boston is smart.
Antero Niittymaki - I think he is better than his reputation.
Maxim Afinogenov - Another guy with an off year who is better than people think.
Marian Hossa - Avs should express interest but should not get involved in a bidding war. This is very unlikely as it should but if the economy pushes the price down the Avs should take the leap.
Peter Forsberg - I know he's the most injury prone person ever but he fills the seats. In a bad economy that will be important.

6) Get rid of Arnason bring up Per Ledin.
Seriously why bring over one of Sweden's most popular players and not use him?

7) Stop calling up McCormick unless the injury bug gets really bad.

8) Here's how the Avs should look next season realisticly (I am going to assume Sakic's last season will be 09-10):
Wolski Sakic Svatos
Smyth Stastny Hejuk
Jones Hensick Stewart
McLeod Yelle Ledin
Liles Hannan
Leopold Salei
Foote Cumiskey/Tjarnqvist
Manny Fernandez
Peter Budaj

Just for fun I will layout the ideal:
Hossa Sakic Afinogenov
Smyth Stastny Hejuk
Wolski Forsberg Stewart *Keep Hensick at Lake Erie just in case
McLeod Yelle Jones
Liles Hannan
Leopold Salei
Foote Cumiskey/Tjarnqvist
Martin Biron
Andrew Raycroft

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