Tuesday, March 24, 2009

College basketball

As much as I love basketball (but hate the NBA) I really don't have the time or the desire to follow so many college teams.

That said The Onion summarized what I feel about March Madness (though I will admit there is some pretty good basketball).

NCAA Expands March Madness To Include 4,096 Teams

Friday, March 20, 2009

Expect major blow ups with the Avs

I'd say the only people who are safe on the Avs right now are Hedjuk, Smyth, and Foote. Everyone else could very well be gone next year.

The only players I would advise against moving (including the ones above) are Liles, Wolski, McLeod, and Lappy maybe Svatos and Stewart.

The Avs literally need everything except for grit. McLeod and Lappy also Stewart take care of that enough.

Smyth and Hedjuk are having decent years on a bad team in desperate need of a center. Statsny gets injured far too much. Arnason is just bad. Wolski is either really good or disappears. Hensick has potential but is poorly used/coached.

Goaltending is huge. The Avs will have cap issues but if they at least put out a decent defense and draft well I could live with paying a kings randsom for a good goalie.

I think Raycroft makes a decent back up and Budaj needs to be traded or go to Europe. He lets in way too many soft goals.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cutler problem

Do you trade Jay Cutler a good quarterback but someone with some issues? Or do you keep him in hopes he turns around?

It seems to me to be a two bad choices. Cutler should relax. Trades talk happens all the time. If he is so personally offended by a trade offer that is difficult to take seriously maybe he should find another line of work.

I say if he shows up keep him. If he refuses trade him.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Melo needs to go

I am so sick of Carmelo Anthony's whining. Basketball used to be such a good game with passing, defense, and team play.

Now we have a bunch of selfish basketball players who have the nerve to tell their coaches not to coach.

So long to the NBA that had good team players such as John Stockton and Michael Jordan.

For once Melo should just shut up, listen, pass, and play defense. He is ridiculously overrated.