Sunday, October 25, 2009

Avs/Wings game thoughts

Good win for the Avs though I have a lot of concerns about the defense and the refereeing in this game.

Why can the Avs not clear the puck out of the zone? If Budaj was playing this game would be over. Craig Anderson bailed out the Avs on this one. Anderson is the top goalie in the league right now. How long Anderson can keep this going is going to be a question mark. However, goalies do tend to be late bloomers so there's a good chance the Avs got a steal in signing him.

Still I don't care how good Anderson is no goalie should be counted on to make 48 saves a night. The Avs need to get more shots. Anderson has already played 11 games in a row. He's going to break down if the Avs can't clear the zone and get some offensive pressure.

Probably the most surprising thing about this game personally was Paul Statsny's eight penalty minutes. Not sure that last tripping penalty was a dive or not but that might have been a questionable call. At least Statsny sealed the deal with the empty net coming out of the box.

In the end though, the Avs got the win. I still can't believe how hot the Avs are so hot at the start of this season. If you said to me 2 months ago the Avs were 8-1-2 in their first 11 I would have thought you were crazy.

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