Tuesday, February 24, 2009

List of do & don'ts during the trade deadline

- Do not trade this year's first round pick. Avs will have the lottery and could use a good pick.
- Do not trade Leopold. I know why everyone thinks he is going to be traded but still he is good, young, and fast.

- Do get a goalie.
- Do clear cap space.
- Do trade Clark.
- Do your best to get rid of Arnason and Tucker
- Do create three scoring lines. You know the wide open offensive style we heard so much about at the beginning of the season.
- Move heaven and earth to get Jaroslav Halak

By the way, lost of rumors say Jordan Stall is going to be an Av. I'm suspicious but not a bad idea. However the Avs need a goalie and wingers more than a center.

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