Saturday, May 23, 2009

Gustavsson an Av?

The Denver Post reports Jonas Gustavsson, probably the best goalie not in the NHL, is considering signing with the Avs.

This would be perfect for the Avs, as the Post points out, with the their cap problems because rookies in the NHL can only make up to $900,000. This gives the Avs time to dump payroll or let contracts expire before they can sign him long term.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Roy got an offer

to be the Avs new head coach according to Dater.

Good news for the Avalanche if he accepts at least that will help give the organization a spark that would put fans in the seats.

Avs problems though mostly cap related though but with a good draft and dumping of sum payroll and signing a goalie they may have a shot.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Al Strachan is wrong

What Al Strachan fails to acknowledge in his column is travel costs for the other NHL teams.

Truth is that Phoenix is in a no mans land both geographically and hockey wise. The teams is surrounded by desert and is pretty far from all the other hockey teams except the Ducks and Kings in LA.

Send a team to Ontario or Vegas. At least in Vegas they would have a monopoly on the pro-sports market unlike Phoenix. Hell even Kansas City would be nice they have an arena.

The sport is stable in Canada. Yes the NHL should expand but throwing out two teams in Florida and one in Atlanta, Phoenix, and Nashville over such a short period of time is just silly, risky, and misguided.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

NHL Moves

*Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Try to do better in the future.

Well reports now say that Jim Balsillie's pursuit of a NHL franchise has takent yet another turn. Balsillie is currently trying to buy the Coyotes. In my opinion not a bad idea. Phoenix is a terrible place for a hockey team and the Coyotes are underperforming in a bad hockey market.

I always found it bizarre the NHL has more teams in the Sun Belt than Canada. Only three places in the US should the NHL have a team that isn't already there:
Kansas City - though basketball is better but an empty arena is bad
Las Vegas - someone needs to take the risk and put a pro sports team there
Hartford - Whalers fans are a dedicated bunch

Spector points out:

Winnipeg and Quebec City will never again have NHL franchises. Even if they were to build big, shiny new arenas that could seat over 18,000 fans both cities lack the population base to adequately support them. which I reluctantly agree though I would love to see the Winnipeg Jets come back. Still I have a hard time believing that the Jets could be worse off than the Coyotes (except the Coyotes have a nice arena with a terrible name).