Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wow Broncos and Avs wow

That was terrible. I want three and half hours of my life back. Both of these games should have been easy wins but again both Denver teams somehow managed to blow it.

Is it just me or are Colorado's teams really lazy?

No effort. No passion.

At least the team I cover for my college paper loses a lot but puts some damn effort into it. Not to mention they have to pay a lot for the money for even the priviledge to pay while these guys get paid millions. Honestly, I get better hockey out of Metro for free than spending hundreds to go to an Avs game.

Both Denver teams are a joke. When the Nuggets are out doing the Rockies, Broncos, and Avs we are in trouble.

Oh wait the Nuggets just lost their last 3 games.

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