Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How will Forsberg's return/trades affect Colorado's lines?

With Forsberg most likely on the verge of signing with the Avalanche, as Adrian Dater mentions both here and here. The Avs will have to jumble their forward lines quite a bit. Additionally, trade rumors regarding both Drury and Halak could complicate matters further.

Though this is purely speculation on my part I believe the Avs are more likely to go after a goalie than Drury. However both Drury and Halak would have the advantage giving the Avs a quick boost and help long term. I also find it likely that the Avs will sign Forsberg which will put the Avs under the allusion of having their center position addressed. I honestly love Forsberg and think he would give the Avs big improvement but his health and age, 35, make him a short term solution at best even if one of his mysterious "groin pulls" don't come up again.

The numbers will be problematic but Drury would be expensive at 7.1, 7.1, 8.05, and 5 million over the next 3.5 seasons. The Avs have about 5 million in cap space (because Sakic's long term injury exemption) to get Drury and Forsberg. Trading Clark for Halak would free up about 2.7 million. If Drury were to go through waivers the Avs could cut Drury's salary in half so about 3.55 (actually all of these salaries would be slightly less that gives the Avs 4 million to sign Forsberg.

Again the numbers are approximate and it would be pretty incredible of the Avs pulled this all off.

As mentioned in my previous blog trading Tucker would be helpful to get under the cap. Tucker makes 2.2 million this season and 2.3 the next. Which is an awful lot for a tough guy who sometimes scores goals. Not to mention the Avs already have those kinds of players (Stewart, Laperriere, and to some extent McLeod).

Anyway assuming this was all pulled off the Avs will need to make tough choices. Both Stewart and Hensick are playing well and deserves time on the Avs roster therefore the lines could be:

Smyth Stastny Hejduk
Forsberg Drury Svatos
Wolski Hensick Jones
McLeod Laperriere Stewart

Scratches: Arnason and McCormick

If the Avalanche were to only get Forsberg (most likely possibility) than the lines would most likely be:

Smyth Stastny Hejduk
Wolski Forsberg Svatos
Jones Hensick Stewart
McLeod Arnason Lapperiere

Once Sakic returns this will be even put further out of wack. But most likely Forsberg will be injured so Sakic will just take his spot. If the high risk pays off well honestly the Avs are liable to have a top six forward injured somewhere. Look at last season.

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