Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Let me just gloat for a moment

I was right about Teixeira going to the Yankees.

Though agreement "in principle" doesn't mean much in baseball as the Rafael Furcal incident makes a good example.

However, I will admit that it was not the $160 million over eight years that I was expecting. In fact, the deal was $180 million over eight. We can now firmly declare the Yankees believe they are recession proof.

Nevertheless, good defense and an excellent switch hitter were exactly what the Yankees needed.

The evil empire has struck again so the AL East will be very interesting this coming season.

*For the record I do not have inside information. I do work in baseball and even on the rare chance I do have inside information I would not publish it. I am just a fan and sports writer for my college paper. This is purely a hobby.

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