Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sundin, Avery, and Goalie Controversy in Detroit

Big new of the day is that Sundin signgs with Vancouver Canucks. $10 million one year deal which is pretty ridiculous. Don't get me wrong Sundin is a good player and the Canucks need a center badly. Will the Canucks make a run with Sundin? I am a little skeptical. Especially, with the Wings and Sharks as good as they are I have a feeling Vancouver will fall short. But in the end it will probably put asses in the seats and sell jerseys which is really the goal. Maybe if the Canucks are lucky enough to avoid the Wings and Sharks until late in the playoffs Vancouver will make enough dough to make the contract worth while.

Though it is a bit late I think the NHL needs to take a deep breath on Sean Avery. I bet the NFL, NBA, and MLB would love to have a players as tame as Avery (yes, a small hyperbole on my part but true). Dallas might want to trade him but good luck with that. He's a great fantasy player (lots of penalty minutes and a few points) but he was massively over paid.

By the way is it just me or is Chris Osgood not the best goalie in Detroit? I will let the stats speak:

Chris Osgood 12-2-4 3.16 GAA .876 SV%

Ty Conklin 8-4-0 2.75 GAA .902 SV%

I particularly look at OTL 4-0 in favor of Conklin, that is all goalie there especially considering the forwards Detroit has. Plus the status are in Conkins favor (except for loses but if you combine OT and regulations loses Conklin wins out).

Lastly, though I do cheer for the Avs the Hejduk "shootout goal" on Mike Smith was a bad call. Mike Smith dropped and did not throw his stick. Tough loses for a bottom feeding team like Tampa.

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