Monday, December 22, 2008

Excellent article on the Yankees and Teixeira

I was going to write a blog about how the Yankees need to acquire Teixeira but Dayn Perry beat me to it.

Nevertheless, I highly recommend you check out that article as lays a pretty good case.

Since the Angels and BoSox dropped out of the Teixeira sweepstakes the Yankees are a natural fit.

The Nats have offered $160 million over 8 years . Though Michael Schmitdt mentions in the New York Times that the Yankees are willing to match but not go higher

The Yankees need to pull out all the stops to get Teixeira. The good news is Manny Ramirez doesn't expected to be signed until after Teixeira. The Yankees don't need another aging hitter that can't play defense. The Yanks are better of with nothing than Ramirez.

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