Friday, October 29, 2010

NFL in London

Since the Broncos are in London and league expansion is always one of my favorite subjects, it is time for me to comment on why the NFL plays in London.

I am not necessarily against the idea of play a game in London, but I much rather the NFL play games in Canada, Las Vegas, or Mexico than in the UK. It is more feasible for the NFL to actually expand into Canada or Mexico than into the UK. Travel cost is a concern plus Canadians already have a better understanding of American football. Additionally, the US has a rapidly growing Mexican/Latino population. I'm actually very surprised how few Latino football players are in the NFL.

Secondly, what about Vegas or Los Angeles? There still isn't a football team in America's second largest media market. Let's send the financially struggling Jaguars to LA and have the Pro Bowl in Sin City.

I'm not against the NFL playing in London or Europe but let's send them the preseason and focus are efforts in the right hemisphere. The NFL is lagging at home will its pushing for expansion aboard.

And don't even get me started on a possible lock out or the fact that the Broncos are just plain terrible.

Here's another take on London:
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