Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jeff Carter? Kovie?

In my opinion the Avs had three big problems last year:

1) Lack of a consistent point-a-game type of player
2) Giving up too many shots
3) Overworking Anderson

Avs have a lot of work heading into this season. Obviously the Avs already have Anderson and Budaj so the only real solution to B is just play Budaj more often.

Not too much the Avs can do about 2. Maybe sign a defenseman but the Avs already have six guys and a ton of prospects on D.

So the best way to go is grab one or two guys who can score a lot. My answer would be Jeff Carter and Kovie. The Avs have the cap room. Philly is desperate to get rid of cap space. Kovie will score a point-plus per game. If the Avs want to be cheaper than go for Sharp. Chicago needs cap space but not so much after ripping off the Thrashers.

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