Thursday, February 11, 2010

What should the Avs do at the deadline?

Wolski Statsny Stewart
? Duchene Hejduk
Galiardi O'Reilly Yip
McLeod Hendricks Tucker

It seems to me there is only one whole in the Avs roster and that is a second line winger. You could also say there is a need for a hard shooting point man on the powerplay but I like Quincey and think he can take on that role.

Its hard for me to say this personally because I was a huge fan of both players but Liles and Svatos possibly Salei have to go. Even if they go for picks it would be a good idea. The Avs backend is just too crowded to justify having 8 defensemen. I think it would be a good idea for the Avs to go after either Teemu Selänne or Ray Whitney at the deadline. The Avs need a good 2nd line forward (preferably left wing but if the right player comes up I'm sure the Avs should just take it aka Selänne.

I doubt the Avs will get either player though. Most likely they will trade Svatos and lines for picks. But I think a lot of teams looking to rebuild would love to give Svatos and Liles a shot. They're still young and have had good success in the past. Avs need an experienced and steady winger. Selänne would be my preference but since his first go around with the Avs didn't go so well both sides might be reluctant.

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